2021–22 academic year

  • Fundamentals of Data Curation and Management (ITI 221)

    This course introduces students to the use of large data sets and prepares them for work in organizational and research settings. The students will learn the basics of acquiring and curating practical data, discovering patterns, and managing large datasets with databases. Students will work multiple modalities of data such as textual, networked, and numerical datasets.

Past courses

University of Washington (2020–21)

  • Designing a More Critical CS Education (CSE 492)

    Society and computational systems are deeply intertwined. In this course, students will explore how technologies can embody systemic social inequities by synthesizing selected texts into new educational materials that can be broadly valuable (e.g., other students can use these materials for self-study later, the material could be adopted by instructors nationally).

Past courses TAed as a PhD student

  • Computers, Society, and Professionalism (Georgia Tech | Head TA | CS 4863)

  • Intro. to Artificial Intelligence (Georgia Tech | Head TA | CS 3600)

  • Computing & Society (Georgia Tech | TA | CS 4001)

  • Intro. to Artificial Intelligence (Georgia Tech | TA | CS 3600)