flashbakectl released

Adding to my apparent series of Flashbake addons, I’ve just released flashbakectl.

Normally to run Flashbake consistently you need to set up a cron job. While OS X is built on Unix and has cron, Apple recommends using launchd and property list (plist) files to run system agents and daemons. flashbakectl is a handy little script that loads and unloads a plist for you.

Before working on your project, run flashbakectl -l to load the plist and start the daemon, which will commit your unsaved changes every 15 minutes (or whatever you set it to). When you’re done for the day, run flashbakectl -u to stop the daemon, saving your computer from unnecessarily running Flashbake ad infinitum.

flashbakectl only works on Mac OS X. You can get it at GitHub. Enjoy!